About Us

Based in the westside of El Paso, Texas, with acres of land and a lake, our dogs have the best of everything.

It all started for us when our son was very allergic to most animals, and being a family of dog lovers we really wanted to find a solution to having a family dog that worked for all of us.

Eventually we discovered The Beagle and have never looked back. However it took us two years to find our first Beagle, and if you want to read more about this and the troubles we had and why we do what we do, you can read more HERE. We are sure many of you will relate to this.

Cratel is not just what we do, we have another unrelated business, but our home, surroundings, and our other business permits us to be able to be at home with our dogs and give them the care, love and attention they need and we have lots and lots of space!. We have been breeding for over 6 years.

Our desire is based upon the passion for the Beagle and determination to remove the terrible places we visited when we were looking for our first Beagle “Cratel” and to give sensible quality families/people a quality breeder with support for life.


We have had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people, far and wide who have had Beagles, and many of our dogs are involved with PR to promote products for top brands.

We are extremely knowledgeable on puppy health, breeding, and all aspects of animal welfare. It does not stop with just buying a Beagle you benefit from the entire Cratel support systems we have become so well known for. The Cratel name is well known all over the US & CANADA. People will say when they see a Beagle, is that a Cratel? We have also made it social, everyone loves their Beagle, so you can share updates, chat to others, organise walk meetups, and lots more. It is certainly a super way to make new friends.

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Some of our dogs are therapy dogs, school dogs and many are in homes with children with disabilities, also plenty of families who struggle with allergies, now enjoy having a wonderful family Companion.

*We health check both parents. Our Dads also are hipped scored

*The nature of the parents is vital, our dogs are lovely and very suited to families.

*Be involved from the start, see your pup with its Mum, we allow visits at 4 weeks of age onwards and again around 7 weeks before weaning is completed. Our pups are inside our home until fully weaned.

*We used to have external breeding arrangements in place with other breeders, but we don’t offer this any more, it is only our own dogs. Since we re-commenced breeding after the closed period we had during Covid, we only breed from our own dogs and we do not offer the breeding arrangements any longer. This means less litters and less footfall.

You are ring fenced when you have a Beagle, you benefit from our veterinary advice should you need it, you receive quality support as and when required and importantly you are part of our growing Cratels family. In the rare event there are any issues with your dogs health, we will always support you, our support is for a lifetime. Your pup is health checked not once but twice, this is done by our vet at vaccination time and our pups cannot leave us until they have had two vaccinations and 10 weeks of age, two full health checks (not one) plus we issue a right to return guarantee. We can offer you a four week free cover note for pet insurance so we cover you for any unforeseeable eventualities, with illness and injury cover up to $5,000. Our statistics on any issues at all in our pups are low.. As pups are breathing living things it is impossible to guarantee perfection for life, but we do health tests and do what we can to ensure we limit any possible health issues. We also have in place a full socialisation policy of what we do and also importantly give you guidance on what you should do.

If life goes wrong or something unplanned occurs, which it can, we are there for you and will help you rehome your dog, safely and easily to another quality owner.

We are proud of our dogs, our ethical breeding programmes, and the quality of what we do and how we do it. We are not typical to your normal dog breeder, but you will see this when you visit. Cratels were created simply by our experiences when we were looking for our first Beagle, we have developed over the past years.

All the images you see at this page, is a Shade. We have galleries available at this website. If this is the look and quality you like, then a Cratel is for you.

We are open and transparent and anyone can contact Texas Licensing or our vets.

Please view our health testing page at this website, as we fully health test our Mums and sires.

*We are Ofqual Lantra Microchipped Qualified

*Level 3 Canine Communications

*Level 3 Canine Nutrition

*First Aid Canine Trained