Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare – Cratel Policies
Licensed by West Texas – Awarded High Standards. Working with quality vets, who visit us weekly.

This is why we have created “Cratel” – a name associated with quality, where you know the welfare of dogs is put at the forefront of what we do. Everything we do, and how we do it, goes well beyond the call of duty, any licensing requirements, any requirements for approval by any Beagle club or society and AKC. We have an interest in puppy health in general and work with our vet weekly, we are very experienced. Below are just several of our due diligence practices regarding the rearing of our dogs.

*Your pup is seen by our vet on more than one occasion and has two full vet health checks, one at first vaccination, 6.5/7 weeks, and the second at 2nd vaccination 10 weeks. This includes a check for cataracts, including eyelids, heart, general overall health. If anything is reported pup is not for sale, maybe held back and you will be notified.

*We take regular stool samples from our litters and results are held on file.

*Your pup has been well socialised and handled by us and as per new licence legislation brought in 2019 for all breeders we give a copy of our socialisation plan in with our pup paperwork.

*When you have visited and purchased your pup and then come back to collect it, no one is allowed to handle it other than us, we do not pass it around other families and children to hold.

*Our litters are whelped by us, Mums are not left on their own, they have their pups safely in a loving home environment They receive high quality nutrition and are seen by our vet, who is on site weekly.

*Pups are wormed 2, 5, 8, and 10 weeks.

*Pups have Advocate via our vet for fleas & ear mites. It is given monthly as routine, Advocate is a vet prescription.

*All our adult dogs receive Advocate monthly, wormed monthly and are fully vaccinated.

*All pups are weaned onto Ollie and the farmer’s dog 70/30 The Catch Dog Food. or

*Health Testing – see our health testing page for all the details.

*We operate an open transparent puppy health policy. Pups are no different than children, issues can and do occur, lucky not often.

*Our pups are 10 weeks of age and fully vaccinated before they leave us, If not there is a risk of Parvo. Even the very best breeders cannot avoid Parvo at times, it is a puppy virus.

*We use our own specially recorded Noise CD, which is always played to all our pups, it contains household noises, car engines, fireworks, bangs and lots more. Many Cratel owners will tell you how chilled their pup/dog is at firework night! We sell the CD’s at our shop or you can have the audio file as a download.


Our Mum’s have their pups inside our home, with us as a family. It is a policy of ours that we never leave one of our Mums to pup on their own, they are very spoiled and have the very best of everything, prior and after. Our vet is here weekly and anyone is welcome to speak to him, and if you visit on a weekday you may well see him. You can view our nursery when you visit from behind a glass panel. We also have webcams of where pups are raised inside so you can see their environment. Our home is blessed to be able to raise the pups in the way we wish and we have an abundance of space. All our owners see Mum and Pups.

Correct Weaning from Mum/Socialisation

A proper and careful weaning process is in place between mum and her babies, it is only when you breed and you see the bond that forms that you will understand how important this is for the pups and also Mum. There also comes a time that Mums need a break from their demanding young family. Our Mums are all beautiful dogs and their welfare and feelings matter to us and correct weaning also helps the pup before it leaves to it’s new forever home. If the weaning process is slow, we will hold the litter back a week or so. We are not in a rush for our pups to leave, we prefer to do a 2nd vaccination and they leave us at 10 weeks, fully protected. We have a full socialisation plan in place. However it is important that when a pup leaves us, you carry on, we suggest puppy classes for socialisation, and also it is vital you leave your pup for periods of time to teach it to be able to be left for short periods of time as companion breeds like lots of breeds do, suffer from separation, but if you following our advice from day one it will certainly help. Anxiety and stress can be brought on with how a pup is raised in its first few years of life so it is important you understand the responsibilities of having a companion breed and it being part of family life.

Retiring Mums/Our Breeding Policies

No mum has more than three litters, we don’t even have a mum that has had three at the moment. We retire our mums early, and as they are exceptional and high quality Beagles they normally stay in our family, close friends & colleagues, however we do have names on a waiting list, so by all means send us your name along with some information about you. Only five star homes will be considered. Our dogs are not your normal ex breeding dogs, they have been raised differently, had total freedom, land, swimming, and much love from everyone. They only know a five star life, so anything else is not an option.

If you would like to be considered for one of our retired Mums, please let us know., however please note we have long wait lists.

We breed our own Beagles, from our own lines and always have younger generations coming through our breeding programme, this enables us to retire our Mums early. We also have breeding arrangements in place where our Mums/Dads from our lines are with other breeders exclusive to us.

Fully Licensed and awarded Higher Standards.

We have been rated with meeting “Higher Standards” by licensing authorities, our vets are also very experienced. Our animal welfare standards are exceptional. Do feel free to speak to any of the professional bodies we work with. As we are a larger breeder, we have systems in place to protect our pups and keep footfall low. We are not an open kennel and we have high biosecurity in place for which we have been complimented about from vets, when you are licensed you have an “independent vet” as part of the license process.

There is also a team of staff who are here everyday, 7 days a week and we couldn’t manage without them!

Our vet is on site at least once a week, checks the health of everything, health checks all our pups and parents, vaccination protocols and ongoing advice and support. We have 24 emergency access for anything we need anytime.

Customers – Speak volumes, our open and busy Testimonial Community is full of our customers and dogs.

We all have substantial knowledge and experience of puppy health, breeding and animal welfare, it is a passion we have and share.

Our Mission

We aim to continue to grow to be able to service the demand for the Beagle and help remove back yard unlicensed breeders and puppy farming, many people are forced to buy from places like this because of high demand and long waiting lists, so we aim to continue to expand and develop the “Cratel breeding programme”, so quality Beagles are available to quality families/owners. Our dogs are exceptionally high quality, health tested and have an outstanding nature.