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Based in the westside of El Paso, Texas, with acres of land and a lake, our dogs have the best of everything.

It all started for us when our son was very allergic to most animals, and being a family of dog lovers we really wanted to find a solution to having a family dog that worked for all of us.

Eventually we discovered The Beagle and have never looked back. However it took us two years to find our first Beagle, and if you want to read more about this and the troubles we had and why we do what we do…

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We provide breeders with educational resources so they can stay up-to-date on breeding best practices and advances in canine health.

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What People Say

My grandma and grandpa bought their little beagle from beagle puppies home this past january. I can tell you that this experience was the best thing we could have asked for. They are the best people and the best breeders. The house is very clean and the puppies are all healthy and happy.
Tiffany Groome
Odessa, TX
We picked up our Beagle in July it took us four hours to get to shade and took us six hours to get home, she was an angel on her long journey home and is a joy her sister Bella loves her. They sleep, eat and play together. It's just wonderful. Excellent breeding.
Christie Bankston
Midland, TX
We brought our baby boy home yesterday. So happy with him. Kenny has settled so well and has taken well to his toilet training. I know you wanted to keep him. We promise you he is well loved and spoiled already. Thank you for all your help beagles puppies home.
Triniti Camille
Newton, NJ