How We Work

We don’t approve everyone (sorry)

Please do not be offended, we don’t approve of everyone, but to give you some idea, see common reasons as to why we would not accept you.

Work full time with nothing in place – we don’t permit our Beagles to go to homes where they will be left all day on their own, the Beagle is a companion breed and totally not suited to this. Most of our working families use doggy day care or have family to assist.

We breed very loving and good natured dogs, if we feel after meeting you for lots of reasons, you’re not suitable, we shall let you know, children must respect a puppy, and children must be supervised by adults and taught to respect the needs of a puppy. Playtime is fun, but rough play or teasing cannot be permitted.

*Breeding – Our dogs are sold for Pets Only, we don’t sell for breeding.

*We do like our dogs to go to quality families/owners.

*Please do ensure you understand the commitment required in owning a dog prior to making contact with us please. We shall presume you have certainly considered this responsibility prior to making contact with us and the upside and downsides of owning a companion breed, we presume you have read over this website fully.

Visiting Us

We like to try and keep footfall low for the safety and protection of our pups, however serious people who know they want a Beagle are more than welcome to visit us. We also have our own family Beagle which you can meet.

We are not an open kennel, so by appointment only. Due to our other business we are not open 7 days a week, we are open a few days per week. We tend to have most collections of our pups on weekends or some weekdays, always before 4pm, we do not do evenings appointments.

Visiting with Allergies

If you are wishing to know if you are allergic to a Beagle, we do not advise you solely rely on a visit to us or any breeder for that matter. Half an hour spent with a Beagle is not sufficient. We also have beagles who shed and thus our environment can indeed trigger allergies. We suggest you spend time with a friend or family Beagle first.

*We do advise many families on the right Beagle if you have allergies.

*Please ensure you make it clear to us if you suffer from allergies please

How/When You Select Your Pup

If you have an advanced booking with us, you’re welcome to come and see your litter with Mum from 4 weeks onwards. No selections can be made until at least 7.5 weeks as we need to be sure of the coat type as some people have allergies. At all times, you will see Mum and her pups interacting. If you live many hours away and it is not practical to visit. You can see more about us and under our set up at this website.

*We are fully licensed.

*Some of our dogs are therapy dogs, school dogs and many are in homes with children with disabilities, also plenty of families who struggle with allergies, now enjoy having a wonderful family Companion.

*We health check both parents. Our Dads also are hipped scored

*The nature of the parents is vital, our dogs are lovely and very suited to families.