Puppy Health

At Cratel we aim to be transparent about any health issues with our pups, especially when/if there has been social media interest/false or incorrect information shared. If anyone makes a complaint across social media, we shall fully investigate it. Our customers in the main are professional families and owners.

We are fully licensed and awarded higher standards.

We are a larger breeder licensed for 10 breeding dogs, plus we have other breeding arrangements in place, pups are raised inside our home with their Mums, adults are housed in our purpose newly built adult kennels, and enjoy freedom across our land, we have a nursery inside our home which is visible for all to view and live streamed footage of where pups are growing up, also inside our home. All our pups can be seen with their Mum and even our breeding arrangements the Mums are here with us and have their pups here.

We welcome visits and we welcome anyone to speak to the professionals we work with.

Puppy Health

We at Cratel have from the outset have been committed to bringing something different to the dog breeding world, we aim to give an unrivalled first class level of support to all our customers, a solid base of factual information, share what maybe other breeders don’t share, explain reasons why we do things the way we do and be both supportive and informative to our customers. Our interest has always been “The Beagle ” whether this is a dog from us or not is irrelevant, the Cratel name stands for far more than this. We aim to ensure that we are a total trusted and a reliable source of information to everyone. We are fully licensed and awarded “Higher Standards”

Our Breeding

Having a substantial amount of experience, we work with vets closely and go above and beyond all protocols required, we breed ethically, we prioritise the welfare of our dogs as all breeders should. We have unlimited budgets for vet bills, we work on “whatever is required” ethos. Over the years this has given us a solid base of experience and a wealth of knowledge. We breed our beagles and have younger generations coming through all the time, we don’t just have one set of Mums who we always breed from and we are able to retire our Mums early due to this. Most breeders have one set of Mums for many years, we don’t work like this, Cratel is different, we retire early and breed our spaniels.

*We aim to be transparent, explain why we do things and have good reasons for the decisions we make.

*We will delay a litter from leaving if it does not have solid stools.

*We will also delay a litter leaving if the weaning process has been slower.

*Our pups cannot leave us until they have had their 2nd vaccination given at 10 weeks.

*As much as we strive for perfection, when you deal with living creatures it is impossible. However we are proud of our low levels of pup issues. Our vets are contactable and happy to speak to any customer. We would also never allow an owner to be out of pocket in the event of any issues with our pups, also a pup can be returned to us, we stand by all our owners and dogs for a lifetime.

*We are here to give quality families and owners a quality place with quality breeding, raised correctly, all too often we receive emails like this below.

The place we visited wasn’t truthful about what they had, they said it was a family dog’s litter and it was a gypsy compound with dogs lined up in outside kennels. The pups clearly had issues. Very upsetting. Mother and father weren’t there for us to meet. And no documentation was presented for viewing. And alarmingly they weren’t interested in us at all. Only if we wanted one. 🤯 My sister has a friend who has a pup from you and gave us your details, you come highly recommended. Kathleen.

In a recent report by a leading vet expert within the field and licensing, we are delighted to see the acknowledgment below.

“steps taken by Cratel to protect their animals from parvovirus are above the general standard within the dog breeding industry”
We hope you find the below of interest.

Puppy Health

First of all, no one can guarantee the health of any pup/dog for the rest of its life. A breeder can be responsible and invest into health testing in accordance with kennel club recommendations before breeding, to try and ensure their breeding stock is of a certain quality, BUT things can and do go wrong for a multitude of reasons, so if you are looking for total guarantee, on your pup/dog lifetime, no breeder can give it, even the best of us. However we will assist any customer who has any problems relevant to our breeding, we stand by our customers and dogs for a lifetime.

Any good breeder will protect, above all else, the environment of its pups, knowing that germs and viruses, can be brought into the pup home by the public very easily, this is one of the main spreads of the parvovirus. Keeping footfall down where possible, using footpaths and hand gels, minimal handling, and strict hygiene is all part of managing dangerous viruses for pups. The worst virus is Parvovirus. This is not something that a breeder causes, it is an “environmental” virus brought into the home of the pups from the public. Quality breeders will vaccinate as added protection, ensure all Mums are fully vaccinated, which will pass antibodies over to the pups, and you should never purchase a puppy without its first vaccination, and a vet record card. However all this is not enough, a puppy is NOT fully vaccinated until it has received its 2nd vaccination and waited the given time frame for it to take effect.

Any larger breeder that allows you (public) to walk through a nursery with Mums and Pups is highly irresponsible, NO sensible larger breeder will ever allow this. Our nursery can be seen through a glass window, and we have live footage of our pups on screens, our pups are only handled when they have had some protection. We work one way and one way only. If it does not work for you, then we are not the breeder for you.


Sadly there are many people who do not understand the Beagle breed well enough to fully appreciate it suffers from stress. This is unlike your normal typical pedigree dog. Moving home is a huge stress for your puppy, to sum it up, the better it is looked after and cared for, the more stress it may have when it leaves. ANY and ALL experienced vets know this, it shows in a puppy in many ways. It may not eat straight away, its stools may go soft, you can sometimes see bloody mucus, pups immune system may plummet, but all these things soon settle, and breeder advice is critical at this stage especially in the first two weeks. A pup can dehydrate quickly and acting fast is the most important thing you can do. The good news is after you are over this period, you have a very lovable happy pup. So please expect the first two weeks to maybe be up and down, and speak to your breeder, who will assist you. This is one reason we prefer a pup to be 10 weeks when it leaves us, they are just that little bit more robust.


Can kill a healthy pup quickly, it can also make a healthy pup plummet into such low immunity it will pick up just about everything and anything. We tend to see dehydration if a pup is sick on its journey home, arrives at a strange place, is played with excessively by children, does not eat or drink. This can have a severe effect on a young 8 week old pup. It is vital if your pup is sick on the way, you make sure it drinks as priority upon arrival at your home. Please also do not allow pup to charge around for hours on end. It is also vital your pup eats something, maybe not straight away but certainly at some point the same day, even if it is only a little. If you leave your pup and allow it not to drink or eat, your pup is at serious risk of dehydration, put simply your pup may die.

Looking out for Dehydration

Weak and off their food, whitish tinge to their gums, they will appear sticky to touch rather than wet and its skin will lose its elasticity. This is an emergency and you must urgently go to your vets if you suspect dehydration or not. Dehydration makes your pup VERY poorly. Your vet will put your pup on a fluid drip, and you pup may need to stay on this for 24 hours, it will resolve the dehydration and your pup will then be fine.

It’s a simple thing, it can come on quickly, it has nothing to do with any health issue of your pup, it is just dehydration, and it is vital as new owners you look for these symptoms in the early few days of taking your puppy home. It is more likely to occur soon after changing home, due to stress.

Common Parasites

All puppies have worms, a good breeder will worm the Mum regularly, worm the pups at regular intervals with an effective wormer, it is the duty of a breeder to ensure all pups are wormed fully prior to leaving. It is a simple process, you as owners must also adhere to worming, and make sure you worm at the due dates and on going on a regular basis. Worms are common, its nothing nasty, they exist, and treatment to eradicate them on going is important. It’s all part of being a puppy.


Our pups are fully vaccinated by the time they leave us, 10 weeks of age, they are safe and fully protected. They have Lepto Nobivac 2, given by our vets around 7 weeks and again at 10 weeks, pups can go out and about fully 7 days after it is given. You do not have any further costs for vaccinations and it saves any worry from us, or you, that you need to keep pup safe before vaccinations are done. At 2nd vaccination time, our vet also gives the kennel cough vaccine as well.